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How to Sell Services as a Freelancer on LinkedIn

Disclaimer: Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads up - this blog post has some affiliate links in it. I wanted to let you know that if you purchase anything from the linked websites, I'll receive a commission. But don't worry, it won't affect the price you pay at all. In fact, clicking on these links may even help support my work here on the blog. I just wanted to be transparent and make sure you knew what you were getting into. Have fun browsing and thank you for your support!


I'm going to share a few ways people have successfully sold services on LinkedIn. One way is by doing sponsored updates for your company or individual profile, which you will post in newsfeeds for all of your connections to see. You could also have a paid job posting or create an event that people can sign up for even if they're not LinkedIn members. It's important to remember that you'll need to make sure these posts are high quality and create value for the reader. If you don't, you might get penalized by LinkedIn algorithms.

1. LinkedIn is a great way to find new business opportunities

One way to find new business opportunities is by searching for jobs in your area on LinkedIn. You can also use the service to expand your network and explore potential clients. You can search various keywords related to your niche and see who pops up using the search feature. Setting up a profile is an easy step that comes at a low cost.

2. You can create sponsored posts, job postings, or events on the platform

LinkedIn includes features that allow people to sell services or promote products and services through paid marketing campaigns. These sponsored posts are a good choice if you're interested in attracting new customers but have no time or budget for advertising.

3. Freelancers can optimize their pages for business opportunities.

The key is to provide high-quality content, including listicles and other appealing media, to keep people engaged with your posts and interested in what you're saying. You can also create a blog on LinkedIn using the platform's Content Publishing Platform (CPS). This option allows you to design and host a blog that matches the look and feel of your LinkedIn profile page. You can even post and share your content from other platforms, like WordPress.

4. By joining groups on LinkedIn, you'll have access to more opportunities

An excellent way to network with potential customers is by joining groups based on your industry. This tactic will give you access to professionals in the same niche and give you a chance to learn new things about your business, translating into future opportunities.

5. It's always wise to diversify your marketing channels

A freelancer can attract entirely new customers who might not have found them otherwise by selling services on LinkedIn. You can use Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic, but LinkedIn is a different game altogether. It's important to note that you'll need to create informative posts for LinkedIn or risk having your profile flagged by the platform.

6. Using job postings on LinkedIn allows businesses with small marketing budgets to start generating leads

LinkedIn Job postings have proven to be effective for garnering high-quality leads. To start, create a job post and target it to relevant people in your area to see how you will benefit them. Once the base is live, don't forget to promote it on social media with LinkedIn's built-in 'Share' feature.

7. LinkedIn makes it easy to send targeted messages to new connections

With the InMail feature, you can send a premium message to anyone you haven't connected with for at least three months. This option could open up potential business opportunities and give you access to new customers who might not have seen your profile otherwise. When using this option, it's important to remember that the subject line will set the tone for your message. It should be short and sweet, with few typos or grammatical errors so as not to get passed over by customers who might be hard to reach due to their high amount of connections.

8. It's wise to have a standalone blog to compete in the freelance design market.

A blog is an essential tool for developing a brand's identity and can build a business's reputation online. The same goes for LinkedIn, which operates as a social media platform and an online resume service. If you're serious about your freelancing business, having your blog on your domain is a good idea.

9. You can utilize LinkedIn groups to keep up with new design trends and connect with potential clients

Taking this route creates an opportunity for you to share your knowledge of the industry in that group, which might benefit you and the group members seeking freelancers. It's worth mentioning that it's essential to avoid self-promotion in these groups. Focus on providing helpful information, and your followers and connections will perceive you as an expert in the field. Once people begin to trust your opinion in the group, they might even approach you for employment opportunities.

10. If you have a LinkedIn profile with strong social proof, customers will be more inclined to buy from you

While this is true for every social media platform, it's especially relevant to LinkedIn because nothing screams "has no business experience" like a blank profile! As your connections and followers begin to increase (and they will), so will the referral traffic to your website, which can help boost your freelance design business.

11. Don't rely on other people to find your company through LinkedIn. Make connections yourself.

Don't just rely on other people to find your company through LinkedIn. Take the initiative and go through profiles of potential customers to make connections yourself.

12. You can use LinkedIn's paid job posting feature to outsource work

Suppose you're looking for ways to save money while running your freelance design business. In that case, one solution is hiring virtual assistants who will do administrative work for you. You can find virtual assistants on Upwork or other freelancing sites. Still, they'll cost a pretty penny if you don't have enough business to make it worth their while. Don't worry! Suppose your company is struggling to get by and needs extra help (and doesn't want to break the bank). In that case, you can post a job on LinkedIn to find virtual assistants who are willing to work for lower pay than sites like Upwork.

13. You can use LinkedIn as a forum for finding jobs

If you're searching for employment, researching companies using the advanced search feature is great to determine which companies hire people with your skillset. Using this tactic can lead to opportunities for both parties. For example, if you found a company that could use help in the design department and you're looking for a job, one of two things will happen. They'll either contact you directly with an offer, or they'll add your contact information into their database (if it's public), leaving the rest up to fate. LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals, with many features that you can utilize to boost your freelance design business.


These are just 13 of perhaps hundred different ways you can expect to make money as a freelancer on LinkedIn. Each freelancer will need to figure out exactly which methods will work best for them. Only by doing so can the maximize their chances of using Linkedin as a source of revenue.


I hope you found this article useful. I've shared some ways you can use LinkedIn to grow your company. I have tried my best to provide helpful information on how best to leverage the power LinkedIn gives you.

Let me know if you need my help figuring out which strategies will work best for you or need an expert opinion on creating a stellar marketing campaign that drives sales! I am a marketing specialist, and I offer one free 45-minute consultancy to work with you to figure out your needs and reqirements and see if we can work together. Click here to schedule a call with me TODAY!

Note: This article was originally published on Linkedin on 21st August 2021.

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